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Air Albania is not just another company in the market, but a new profile of Albanian aviation in the world. This is just one of our guiding philosophies that has accompanied us since the early days of designing this strategic investment.

We have taken care that all our staff was prepared with the most professional training, offered by one of the vanguard academies of education in the field of aviation, but we are also committed that every service provided by us has no competition. The most valuable material assets of our company: the AIRBUS BOEING aircraft fleet, are a guarantee of success, but also the maximum dedication. All these commitments are not only a requirement of being young competitors in the market, but an obligation to deserve the representation of the Albanian flag.


Taking into account the fact that our planes would not be just means of transport, but the new face of Albania in the world, naturally arose the idea of ​​naming our "birds" - those who fly high and take with them fragments of the homeland. The ambassadors of this new image could not be more worthy than three of the founders of our national literary heritage: Naim Frashëri, Migjeni and Lasgush Poradeci. These bright pens have written about what, in fact, our company represents and reflects: the nation and opportunities for all.

The company shows dedicated attention to Albanian traditions and values, enriching its offer with benefits and standards in the fabric of excellence, brought at affordable prices for all. From the quality of the food to the comfort of travel, Air Albania ensures to offer the highest standards of hospitality, as one of the most valuable features of Albanians.

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